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Descriptions: This is a new version with support for the Food Tank trailer in the new ATS 1.37 beta.Also has a fix for the ATS Box TrailerAll ETS 2 and ATS trucks and trailers are included, as well as Krone, Schwarzmuller,Mighty Griffin, DAF Tuning Pack and Actros Tuning Pack DLCs


Download Zip:

I got tired of wading through outdated template packs on shady mod websites so I decided to put this pack together for the community! I make paintjobs myself so these templates should remain accurate and up-to-date for the foreseeable future.

The right tires for your business: All professionals have different expectations and needs depending on their business, in terms of their vehicles' performance, safety, traction and fuel economy. Whether you are looking for truck tires, semi-trailer tires, tractor tires, tires for your construction machines or light trucks, or tires to fit to your light vehicle fleet, Michelin will always offer you the best way of achieving your goals. Thanks to its innovative technology, Michelin is improving tire rolling resistance so that they last longer.

When 172.101 of this subchapter specifies that a hazardous material may be transported in accordance with this section (per special provision 148 in 172.102(c)(1)), only the bulk packagings specified for these materials in IME Standard 23 (IBR, see 171.7 of this subchapter) are authorized, subject to the requirements of subparts A and B of this part and the special provisions in column 7 of the 172.101 table. See Section I of IME Standard 23 for the standards for transporting a single bulk hazardous material for blasting by cargo tank motor vehicles (CTMV), and Section II of IME Standard 23 for the standards for CTMVs capable of transporting multiple hazardous materials for blasting in bulk and non-bulk packagings (i.e., a multipurpose bulk truck (MBT) authorized to transport the Class 1 (explosive) materials, Division 5.1 (oxidizing) materials, Class 8 (corrosive) materials, and Combustible Liquid, n.o.s., NA1993, III, as specified in IME Standard 23 (also see 177.835(d) of this subchapter)). In addition, the requirements in paragraph (a) of this section apply to: A new multipurpose bulk truck constructed after April 19, 2016; and a modified existing multipurpose bulk truck after April 19, 2016 (see 173.66(b) regarding the term modified).

If you have a food truck or trailer, we must inspect it before you start your business. Use this page to determine if you have a food truck or trailer, and follow the steps outlined to get an inspection.

Note: Be sure to check with all local building departments where you plan to use your unit. Some building departments may not allow the use of food trucks / trailers in their jurisdiction. You may be required to have a commercial coach in that jurisdiction.

Depending on the equipment you use on your food truck or trailer, you may need to submit plans for approval before scheduling an inspection. Answer the questions below to see if you need to submit plans to us.

First, complete the Insignia Application for Food Trucks and Concession Trailers That Do Not Require Plans (F623-040-000). The form indicates you don't need a plan, but still need an inspection to obtain your food truck insignia. 041b061a72


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