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Merchant Prince 2.rar

I have played this module.It is a well written project with excellent programming.There is a lot to read, and in a language that is not mine I struggle and obviously miss a lot of essential details.I liked the overland map, but I was a little sorry to discover that the locations on it are few, and do not cover much of the eastern part.The final puzzle with the statues and the offers is beautiful, but I admit that I would never have gotten to the one of war and above all of death, and to solve it I had to read the scripts by opening the form with the toolset.Let's move on to the things that didn't go well:The game offers you three companions, very well characterized with dialogues and personalities, a cleric, a warrior and a sorcerer, and here everything is fine. The bad part is that there are a lot of traps, chests and locked doors in the game, and checks to follow tracks.This means that if your character is not a rogue or a ranger, you will get all the traps in the face, you will have to break down all the doors and chests, and you will miss any detail of the story, related to following tracks.Anyway, I was able to access all areas of the game, except one room in the aqueduct, whose door is flagged as plot and has a DC to be broken in of 24. So either you pick it up or you don't get in there. In any case, inside there is only a loot of common equipment, weapons and armor.Another thing that is a bit bad is the amount of gold that you can collect: by collecting everything possible, and selling it, at the end of the game with the characters around the fifth level, I have not raised more than 3000 gold coins .But at night a merchant female character appears in front of the inn, who sells you magical equipment, even +2, but obviously with prices for which you will never see enough gold.And this seems like a very little thought to me, other than the fact that such equipment is totally superfluous for such a low-level adventure.I found Shark's farm to sell spider legs to, only at the end of the game, after weighing down my inventory with these legs throughout the game.Aside from these three details, the adventure is done really well.The environments and the dialogues are very well taken care of.I'm impressed.

Merchant Prince 2.rar

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