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Chinese state media outlets largely ignored the protests until 17 April 2019.[586] The protests were mostly censored from Mainland Chinese social media, such as Sina Weibo, though state-owned media and Chinese social media users later condemned the protesters.[587] State-run media pressured various companies, including railway operator MTR Corporation and airline Cathay Pacific to take a hardline approach against employees who took part in the protests. Cathay Pacific saw its top managers "reshuffled" and began firing pro-democratic employees after the Civil Aviation Administration of China threatened to block Cathay's access to Chinese airspace.[588] Chinese media also attempted to appeal to the "silent majority"[589] and blame the protests on Hong Kong's education system.[590] It also hailed police officers as "heroes",[591] and demanded the government take more "forceful" actions and the court to hand out heavy punishments.[592][593] On 8 March 2021, UK broadcasting authority Ofcom imposed a fine of 125,000 on Chinese state broadcaster CGTN for having "failed to maintain due impartiality" in five programmes on the protests aired in 2019.[594]

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