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Obsession Skachat Rington

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obsession skachat rington

The lyrics were written by Romeo Santos, and the refrain is performed by the female vocalist Judy Santos (no relation). The song's lyrics explain a man's liking of a woman to the point of obsession. However, this feeling is "not love", and is still only and just an obsession.

In 2005, Mexican-American singer Frankie J covered the song under the title "Obsession (No Es Amor)", featuring Baby Bash. Released as a single on January 10, 2005, the cover peaked at number three on the US Billboard Hot 100, number five in Australia and number four in New Zealand. The song was produced by Australian-born UK-based producer Stewart Magee. Model Vida Guerra made a cameo in the video as Frankie J's love interest and object of his obsession.

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