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Benchmark Series: Microsoft Word 2016: Text Levels 1 And 2 Book Pdf

Toc: Microsoft Excel 365, 2019 Edition, Levels 1-2Copyright PageBrief ContentsContentsPrefaceAchieving Proficiency in ExcelProven Instructional DesignChapter Openers Present Learning ObjectivesActivities Build Skill Mastery within Realistic ContextChapter Review Tools Reinforce LearningThe Cirrus SolutionDynamic TrainingChapter Review and AssessmentUnit Review and AssessmentStudent eBookInstructor eResourcesAbout the AuthorsGetting Startedin Office 365Identifying Computer HardwareSystem Unit (PC/Tower)MonitorKeyboardDrives and PortsPrinterMouseTouchpadTouchscreenChoosing CommandsUsing Keyboard Shortcuts and Accelerator KeysChoosing Commands from a Drop-Down ListChoosing Options from a Dialog Box or Task PaneChoosing Commands with Shortcut MenusWorking with Multiple ApplicationsMaintaining Files and FoldersCreating and Naming a FolderSelecting and Opening Files and FoldersDeleting Files and FoldersMoving and Copying Files and FoldersRenaming Files and FoldersViewing Files and FoldersManaging Files at the Info Backstage AreaCustomizing SettingsRetrieving and Copying Data FilesMicrosoft Excel, Level 1, Unit 1 - Preparing and Formatting Worksheets1 - Preparing an Excel WorkbookPerformance ObjectivesCreating a WorksheetEntering Data in a WorksheetSaving a WorkbookEditing Data in a CellPrinting a WorksheetClosing a Workbook and Closing ExcelUsing Automatic Entering FeaturesUsing AutoCompleteUsing AutoCorrectUsing AutoFillOpening a WorkbookOpening a Workbook from the Recent Option ListPinning and Unpinning Workbooks and FoldersEntering FormulasUsing the AutoSum Button to Add NumbersUsing the AutoSum Button to Average NumbersUsing the Fill Handle to Copy a FormulaSelecting CellsSelecting Cells Using the MouseSelecting Cells Using the KeyboardSelecting Data within CellsApplying Basic FormattingChanging Column WidthMerging and Centering CellsFormatting NumbersUsing the Tell Me FeatureUsing HelpGetting Help from a ScreenTipGetting Help in a Dialog Box or at the Backstage AreaChapter SummaryCommands Review2 - Inserting Formulas in a WorksheetPerformance ObjectivesWriting Formulas with Mathematical OperatorsCopying a Formula with Relative Cell ReferencesChecking Cell References in a FormulaWriting a Formula by PointingDetermining the Order of OperationsUsing the Trace Error ButtonIdentifying Common Formula ErrorsInserting Formulas with FunctionsWriting Formulas with Statistical FunctionsWriting Formulas with the NOW and TODAY FunctionsDisplaying FormulasUsing Absolute and Mixed Cell References in FormulasUsing an Absolute Cell Reference in a FormulaUsing a Mixed Cell Reference in a FormulaChapter SummaryCommands Review3 - Formatting a WorksheetPerformance ObjectivesChanging Column WidthChanging Column Width Using Column BoundariesChanging Column Width at the Column Width Dialog BoxInserting and Deleting Cells, Rows, and ColumnsInserting RowsInserting ColumnsDeleting Cells, Rows, or ColumnsClearing Data in CellsApplying FormattingApplying Font FormattingFormatting with the Mini ToolbarApplying Alignment FormattingApplying a ThemeFormatting NumbersFormatting Numbers Using Number Group ButtonsApplying Number Formatting at the Format Cells Dialog BoxApplying Formatting Using the Format Cells Dialog BoxAligning and Indenting DataChanging the FontAdding Borders to CellsAdding Fill and Shading to CellsRepeating the Last ActionFormatting with Format PainterHiding and Unhiding Columns and RowsChapter SummaryCommands Review4 - Enhancing a WorksheetPerformance ObjectivesFormatting a Worksheet PageChanging MarginsCentering a Worksheet Horizontally and/or VerticallyChanging Page OrientationChanging the Paper SizeInserting and Removing Page BreaksPrinting Column and Row Titles on Multiple PagesScaling DataInserting a Background PicturePrinting Gridlines and Row and Column HeadingsPrinting a Specific Area of a WorksheetInserting Headers and FootersCustomizing Print JobsChecking SpellingUsing Undo and RedoFinding and Replacing Data and Cell FormattingSorting DataCompleting a Custom SortSorting More Than One ColumnFiltering DataChapter SummaryCommands ReviewMicrosoft Excel LEvel 1, Unit 2 - Enhancing the Display of Workbooks5 - Moving Data within and between WorkbooksPerformance ObjectivesCreating a Workbook with Multiple WorksheetsInserting a New WorksheetDeleting a WorksheetSelecting Multiple WorksheetsCopying, Cutting, and Pasting CellsCopying and Pasting Selected CellsUsing Paste OptionsMoving Selected CellsCopying and Pasting Using the Clipboard Task PanePasting Values OnlyManaging WorksheetsHiding and Unhiding a Worksheet in a WorkbookPrinting a Workbook Containing Multiple WorksheetsChanging the ZoomSplitting a Worksheet and Freezing and Unfreezing PanesNaming and Using a RangeWorking with WindowsOpening Multiple WorkbooksArranging WorkbooksHiding and Unhiding WorkbooksSizing and Moving WorkbooksMoving, Linking, Copying, and Pasting Data between WorkbooksMoving and Copying DataLinking DataCopying and Pasting Data between ProgramsChapter SummaryCommands Review6 - Maintaining WorkbooksPerformance ObjectivesManaging the Recent Option ListPinning and Unpinning a WorkbookRecovering an Unsaved WorkbookClearing the Recent Option List and the Recent ListManaging WorksheetsCopying a Worksheet to Another WorkbookMoving a Worksheet to Another WorkbookFormatting with Cell StylesApplying a Cell StyleDefining a Cell StyleModifying a Cell StyleCopying Cell Styles to Another WorkbookRemoving a Cell StyleDeleting a Cell StyleInserting HyperlinksLinking to an Existing Web Page or FileNavigating Using HyperlinksLinking to a Place in the WorkbookLinking to a New WorkbookLinking Using a GraphicLinking to an Email AddressModifying, Editing, and Removing a HyperlinkUsing Excel TemplatesInserting and Managing CommentsInserting a New CommentPosting a CommentEditing and Deleting a CommentViewing and Managing Comments at the Comments Task PaneWriting Formulas with Financial FunctionsFinding the Periodic Payments for a LoanFinding the Future Value of a Series of PaymentsChapter SummaryCommands Review7 - Creating Charts and Inserting FormulasPerformance ObjectivesCreating a ChartSizing and Moving a ChartEditing Data and Adding a Data SeriesFormatting with Chart ButtonsPrinting a ChartChanging the Chart DesignChanging the Chart StyleSwitching Rows and ColumnsChanging Chart Layout and ColorsChanging the Chart LocationAdding, Moving, and Deleting Chart ElementsChanging Chart FormattingFormatting a SelectionInserting a ShapeCreating Alternative Text for an ImageUsing the Quick Analysis FeatureApplying Formatting at a Task PaneChanging Chart Height and Width MeasurementsDeleting a ChartWriting Formulas with the Logical IF FunctionWriting Formulas with an IF Function Using the Function Arguments Dialog BoxWriting IF Statements Containing TextChapter SummaryCommands Review8 - Adding Visual Interest to WorkbooksPerformance ObjectivesInserting Symbols and Special CharactersInserting an ImageCustomizing and Formatting an ImageSizing and Moving an ImageFormatting an Image at the Format Picture Task PaneInserting an Online ImageCreating and Inserting a ScreenshotInserting and Formatting a ShapeInserting and Modifying Text BoxesInserting and Customizing IconsInserting and Customizing 3D ModelsInserting a SmartArt GraphicEntering Data in a SmartArt GraphicSizing, Moving, and Deleting a SmartArt GraphicChanging the SmartArt Graphic DesignChanging the SmartArt Graphic FormattingCreating, Sizing, and Moving WordArtChapter SummaryCommands ReviewIndexMicrosoft Excel, Level 2, Unit 1 - Advanced Formatting, Formulas,and Data Management1 - Advanced Formatting TechniquesPerformance ObjectivesApplying Conditional FormattingApplying Conditional Formatting Using a New RuleEditing and Deleting a Conditional Formatting RuleApplying Conditional Formatting Using an Icon SetApplying Conditional Formatting Using Data Bars and Color ScalesApplying Conditional Formatting Using a FormulaApplying Conditional Formatting Using Quick AnalysisApplying Fraction Formatting and Scientific FormattingApplying Special Number FormattingCreating a Custom Number FormatFiltering a Worksheet Using a Custom AutoFilterFiltering and Sorting Data and Removing a FilterFiltering and Sorting Data Using Conditional Formatting or Cell AttributesRemoving a FilterDefining a Custom SortApplying an Advanced FilterChapter SummaryCommands Review2 - Advanced Functions and FormulasPerformance ObjectivesManaging Range NamesUsing Statistical FunctionsUsing Statistical Functions: COUNTIF and COUNTIFSUsing Statistical Functions: AVERAGEIF and AVERAGEIFSUsing Math and Trigonometry Functions: SUMIF and SUMIFSUsing Lookup FunctionsUsing the VLOOKUP FunctionUsing the HLOOKUP FunctionUsing the PPMT Financial FunctionUsing and Nesting Logical FunctionsUsing the Nested IF Logical FunctionUsing Logical Functions: Nested IF, AND, and ORUsing the ROUND FunctionUsing the IFS Logical FunctionViewing Long Formulas in the Formula BarChapter SummaryCommands Review3 - Working with Tables and Data FeaturesPerformance ObjectivesFormatting Data as a TableModifying a TableApplying Table Styles, Table Style Options, and Table PropertiesSorting and Filtering a TableWorking with Data ToolsSeparating Data Using Text to ColumnsIdentifying and Removing Duplicate RecordsValidating Data EntryConverting a Table to a Normal Range and Subtotaling Related DataModifying SubtotalsSelecting Data from Different Outline LevelsGrouping and Ungrouping DataChapter SummaryCommands Review4 - Summarizing and Consolidating DataPerformance ObjectivesSummarizing Data in Multiple Worksheets Using Range Names and 3-D ReferencesSummarizing Data by Linking to Ranges in Other Worksheets or WorkbooksMaintaining External ReferencesSummarizing Data Using the Consolidate FeatureCreating PivotTablesCreating a Recommended PivotTableBuilding a PivotTableFormatting and Filtering a PivotTableChanging the PivotTable Summary FunctionFiltering a PivotTable Using SlicersFiltering a PivotTable Using a TimelineCreating a PivotChartSummarizing Data with SparklinesCreating SparklinesCustomizing SparklinesChapter SummaryCommands ReviewMicrosoft Excel, Level 2, Unit 2 - Managing and Integrating Data and the Excel Environment5 - Using Data Analysis FeaturesPerformance ObjectivesPasting Data Using Paste Special OptionsSelecting Other Paste Special OptionsTransposing DataPerforming a Mathematical Operation While PastingUsing Goal Seek to Populate CellsAdding, Editing, and Applying ScenariosApplying a ScenarioEditing a ScenarioDeleting a ScenarioGenerating a Scenario Summary ReportPerforming What-If Analysis Using Data TablesCreating a One-Variable Data TableCreating a Two-Variable Data TableUsing Auditing ToolsTracing Precedent and Dependent CellsTroubleshooting FormulasCircling Invalid DataWatching a Formula CellChapter SummaryCommands Review6 - Exporting, Importing, and Transforming DataPerformance ObjectivesExporting Data from ExcelCopying and Pasting Data into WordBreaking a Link to an Excel ObjectCopying and Pasting Data into PowerPointCopying and Pasting Data into AccessExporting a Worksheet as a Text FileImporting Data into ExcelImporting Data from AccessModifying Data with the Power Query EditorImporting Data from a Text FileRefreshing, Modifying, and Deleting QueriesEditing or Removing the Source for a QueryTransforming Data Using Flash FillUsing Text FunctionsChapter SummaryCommands Review7 - Automating Repetitive Tasks and Customizing ExcelPerformance ObjectivesChanging Display OptionsMinimizing the RibbonCustomizing Ribbons and the Quick Access ToolbarExporting and Importing CustomizationsCustomizing the RibbonCustomizing the Quick Access ToolbarResetting the Ribbons and the Quick Access ToolbarCreating and Applying a Custom ViewAutomating Tasks Using MacrosCreating a MacroSaving Workbooks Containing MacrosRunning a MacroAssigning a Macro to a Shortcut KeyEditing a MacroManaging and Deleting MacrosInserting and Configuring Form ControlsInserting Form ControlsConfiguring Form ControlsCreating a Macro Button Form ControlSaving a Workbook as a TemplateUsing a Custom TemplateDeleting a Custom TemplateCustomizing Save OptionsViewing Trust Center SettingsChapter SummaryCommands Review8 - Protecting and Distributing a WorkbookPerformance ObjectivesAdding Workbook PropertiesProtecting and Unprotecting WorksheetsProtecting and Unprotecting the Structure of a WorkbookAdding and Removing a Password to Open a WorkbookPreparing a Workbook for DistributionChecking for Accessibility IssuesInspection ResultsInspecting a Workbook and Removing Information before Distributing ItMarking a Workbook as FinalUsing the Compatibility CheckerDistributing WorkbooksPublishing a Workbook as a PDF FilePublishing a Workbook as an XPS FilePublishing a Worksheet as a Web PageExporting and Importing XML DataCreating an XML SchemaExporting a Worksheet as an XML FileImporting an XML FileChapter SummaryCommands ReviewIndexBenchmark Series: Microsoft Excel 365, 2019 Edition, Level 1, Review and AssessmentCopyright PageContentsMicrosoft Excel, Level 1, Unit 1 - Preparing and Formatting Worksheets1 - Preparing an Excel WorkbookSkills AssessmentAssessment 1 - Create a Worksheet Using AutoCorrect and AutoCompleteAssessment 2 - Create and Format a WorksheetAssessment 3 - Create a Worksheet Using the Fill HandleAssessment 4 - Insert Formulas in a WorksheetVisual BenchmarkCreate, Format, and Insert Formulas in a WorksheetCase StudyPart 1Part 2Part 3Part 42 - Inserting Formulas in a WorksheetSkills AssessmentAssessment 1 - Insert AVERAGE, MAX, and MIN FunctionsAssessment 2 - Insert the SUM Function and Enter Formulas with Mathematical OperatorsAssessment 3 - Write Formulas with Absolute Cell ReferencesAssessment 4 - Write Formulas with Mixed Cell ReferencesAssessment 5 - Use Help to Learn about Excel OptionsVisual BenchmarkCreate a Worksheet and Insert FormulasCase StudyPart 1Part 2Part 3Part 43 - Formatting a WorksheetSkills AssessmentAssessment 1 - Format a Sales WorksheetAssessment 2 - Format an Overdue Accounts WorksheetAssessment 3 - Format a Supplies and Equipment WorksheetAssessment 4 - Format a Financial Analysis WorksheetVisual BenchmarkCreate a Worksheet and Insert FormulasCase StudyPart 1Part 2Part 3Part 44 - Enhancing a WorksheetSkills AssessmentAssessment 1 - Format a Data Analysis WorksheetAssessment 2 - Format a Test Results WorksheetAssessment 3 - Format an Equipment Rental WorksheetAssessment 4 - Format an Invoices WorksheetAssessment 5 - Create a Worksheet Containing Keyboard ShortcutsVisual BenchmarkCreate and Format an Expense WorksheetCase StudyPart 1Part 2Part 3Unit 1 Performance AssessmentAssessing ProficiencyAssessment 1 - Calculate Total, Maximum, Minimum, and Average Yearly SalesAssessment 2 - Create a Worksheet with AutoFill and Calculate Total Hours and Gross PayAssessment 3 - Create a Sales Bonus WorkbookAssessment 4 - Format a Department BudgetAssessment 5 - Format a Weekly Payroll WorkbookAssessment 6 - Format a Customer Sales Analysis WorkbookAssessment 7 - Format an Invoices WorkbookWriting ActivitiesActivity 1 - Plan and Prepare an Orders Summary WorkbookActivity 2 - Prepare a Depreciation WorkbookActivity 3 - Insert a Straight-Line Depreciation FormulaInternet ResearchCreate a Travel Planning WorksheetMicrosoft Excel, Level 1, Unit 2 - Enhancing the Display of Workbooks5 - Moving Data within and between WorkbooksSkills AssessmentAssessment 1 - Copy and Paste Data between Worksheets in a Sales WorkbookAssessment 2 - Copy, Paste, and Format Worksheets in an Income Statement WorkbookAssessment 3 - Freeze and Unfreeze Window Panes in a Test Scores WorkbookAssessment 4 - Create, Copy, Paste, and Format Cells in an Equipment Usage WorkbookAssessment 5 - Copying and Linking Excel Data in a Word DocumentVisual BenchmarkCreate and Format a Sales Worksheet Using FormulasCase StudyPart 1Part 2Part 3Part 46 - Maintaining WorkbooksSkills AssessmentAssessment 1 - Define and Apply Cell Styles to a Projected Earnings WorkbookAssessment 2 - Insert Hyperlinks in a Bookstore WorkbookAssessment 3 - Write a Formula with the PMT FunctionAssessment 4 - Write a Formula with the FV Function and Insert CommentsAssessment 5 - Apply Conditional Formatting to a Sales WorkbookVisual BenchmarkFill in an Expense Report FormCase StudyPart 1Part 2Part 3Part 47 - Creating Charts and Inserting FormulasSkills AssessmentAssessment 1 - Create a Net Profit ChartAssessment 2 - Create a Company Sales Column ChartAssessment 3 - Create Quarterly Domestic and Foreign Sales Bar ChartAssessment 4 - Create a Fund Allocations Pie ChartAssessment 5 - Write a Formula with the IF FunctionAssessment 6 - Create a Stacked Column ChartAssessment 7 - Learn about Excel OptionsVisual


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