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F1 2011: The Complete Guide to Experience the 2011 Formula One Season on Your PC

With F1 2011 Codemasters continues to refine the solid foundations laid down by last year's game. The handling mechanics have been improved, crafting an experience which is even more authentic than before, while the AI has been refreshed to ensure that seasoned veterans receive a strong challenge. The changes aren't particularly drastic but they do have a positive impact on the game: F1 2011 is easier to play for the casual fan whilst containing plenty of depth under the hood for those who go looking.

F1 2011 Indir (Full PC)

F1 2011's graphical upgrades are also delivered with the same kind of subtlety: enhanced weather effects and a small increase in track-side detail bring about a more polished look to proceedings. The raw aesthetics seen in the previous title - giving the game a clean, almost clinical appearance - are left practically unchanged from an artistic perspective, and this is once again backed with a constrained use of lighting compared to other EGO engine games such as DiRT and GRID. To all intents and purposes the lighting scheme works well even if it lacks some of the shiny bloom effects which made Moto GP 10/11 such a pleasure to look at.

Less pleasing are some of the bugs and glitches that users are reporting on the official Codemasters forums. Common complaints include various game freezes, intermittent crashes, corrupt save files and a number of online-related bugs affecting all three versions of the game. While we didn't encounter any issues when playing the console versions of F1 2011, installation of the PC game hanged at around the twenty percent mark - a common problem it seems - but after waiting some forty minutes (!) the installation moved past that point and completed.

In terms of the basic image both versions of F1 2011 render in native 720p, but while the traditional 4xMSAA (multi-sampling anti-aliasing) set-up remains on the 360, the alternative Quincunx solution on the PS3 gets the boot in favour of an implementation of MLAA. This change results in a noticeable impact with regards to overall image quality where the PS3 game is concerned: many edges are heavily aliased, with sub-pixel shimmering and pixel popping being a real issue. Things don't look too bad in still screenshots, but in motion the difference is clear, as our comparison video shows.

As with the majority of games this generation, F1 2011 goes for a 30FPS update and employs the common method of dropping v-sync when the engine cannot meet that target. The advantage is that frames are display in the quickest possible way to the user, resulting in the fastest controller response available and lower levels of judder.

F1 2011 is a video game developed by Codemasters based on the 2011 Formula One season. The game was released in 2011 on Microsoft Windows, the Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360, with a 2012 release on the PlayStation Vita as a launch title for the system.[3][4][5] The game engine is based on EGO 2.0 engine.

All twelve teams and twenty-four drivers that started the 2011 season are featured in the game, though mid-season driver changes did not take place due to licensing restrictions. The entire calendar of nineteen circuits from the 2011 season is present, including the new Buddh International Circuit in India.[6][7] Certain circuits also feature day-to-night transitions.

The focus of F1 2011 is to "Be the Driver, Live the Life, Go Compete" and that multiplayer aspects of the game are being emphasized as a part of this. Online multiplayer has a maximum of sixteen players in a race with the option to include an additional eight AI-controlled cars. Objectives are also included in multiplayer. A split-screen multiplayer mode is implemented, as is an online co-operative championship. The safety car was implemented in the game following its absence in F1 2010, and is available in races that are 20% of real race distance or longer.[8] Red flags are also included for situations where the safety car cannot get around the track, but not for extreme weather conditions.[9] Rule changes for the 2011 season, including KERS, DRS and Pirelli tyres are also featured in the game.

Just like F1 2010, all the drivers are from the initial line-up from the 2011 season. Sub drivers (Bruno Senna, Karun Chandhok, Pedro de la Rosa and Daniel Ricciardo) are not included in the game.

Digital Spy gave said PlayStation 3 version a similar score of four stars out of five, saying that "it's not a wholesale reinvention, but rather a confident leap forward from a publisher in tune with its sport. The career mode lacks a bit of personality, but it's still a good frame for what is most important - the racing".[36] The website also gave the PlayStation Vita version three stars out of five and called it "a laudable attempt at scaling down a sophisticated simulation racer for a handheld platform, but it would have benefited from stronger AI and more challenge. In its defense, it caters well for newcomers due to its casual Challenges mode and forgiving level of difficulty, but still falls marginally short of expectations".[37] However, the same website also gave the Nintendo 3DS version two stars out of five and said "Sumo Digital should be commended for its attempts to pack as much as humanely possible into a Nintendo 3DS game. Despite its wealth of options, game modes and extras, F1 2011 fails where it counts most, on the race track".[35]

Offering split-screen, co-op Championships and online against 16 players plus 8 AI to simulate full 24 car grids, the game was the most competitive F1 title to date. Throw into the mix the introduction of KERS and DRS for new attack and defence options, and F1 2011 offered the perfect scenario for thrilling racing.

The two main announcements from this gamescom came from Insomniac Games, who announced two sequels from two of their franchises: Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, by revealing some gameplay from the game, and Resistance 3, via a live action teaser trailer. These games will be exclusive to the PlayStation 3. All 4 One has a set release date as late 2011, while Resistance 3 did not have a release date.

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