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D16 Group Total Bundle VSTi.VST X86 X64

D16 Group Total Bundle VSTi.VST x86 x64: A Complete Collection of Synths and Effects for Music Production

If you are looking for a comprehensive set of plugins that can cover all your needs for sound design, synthesis, and mixing, you might want to check out the D16 Group Total Bundle VSTi.VST x86 x64. This bundle includes all the plugins that D16 Group has ever created, ranging from classic drum machines and analog emulations to creative effects and modulation tools. In this article, we will give you an overview of what this bundle offers and why it is worth considering for your music projects.

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What is D16 Group Total Bundle VSTi.VST x86 x64?

D16 Group Total Bundle VSTi.VST x86 x64 is a collection of 17 plugins that are compatible with Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) and Mac OS X (VST, AU, and AAX formats). The bundle includes:

  • SilverLine Collection: A series of 10 effects plugins that emulate vintage hardware units and offer unique sound shaping possibilities. The collection consists of Antresol (flanger), Decimort 2 (bit crusher), Devastor 2 (multiband distortion), Fazortan 2 (phaser), Frontier (limiter), Godfazer (advanced modulation unit), Redoptor 2 (tube distortion), Repeater (vintage modeled delay), Sigmund (flexible delay), and Syntorus 2 (chorus).

  • Classic Boxes Collection: A series of 4 plugins that recreate the sound and behavior of legendary drum machines and synthesizers. The collection consists of Drumazon (TR-909 emulation), Nepheton (TR-808 emulation), Nithonat (TR-606 emulation), and Phoscyon (TB-303 emulation).

  • LuSH-101: A powerful subtractive synthesizer that combines multiple layers of synthesis, modulation, and effects in a single interface. LuSH-101 can create a wide range of sounds, from classic analog tones to modern digital timbres.

  • PunchBOX: A bass drum synthesizer that combines synthesis, sampling, and effects to create punchy and powerful kicks. PunchBOX allows you to mix and match different sound sources, envelopes, filters, distortions, and EQs to craft your own custom bass drums.

  • Tekturon: A multitap delay effect that features 16 independent delay lines with adjustable parameters and modulation options. Tekturon can create complex rhythmic patterns, spatial effects, and soundscapes with ease.

  • Toraverb 2: A versatile reverb effect that offers a rich and realistic sound with advanced features such as diffusion network, modulation, pre-delay, early reflections, and EQ. Toraverb 2 can create everything from natural ambience to artificial reverberation.

Why Choose D16 Group Total Bundle VSTi.VST x86 x64?

There are many reasons why you might want to choose D16 Group Total Bundle VSTi.VST x86 x64 for your music production needs. Here are some of them:

  • Quality: D16 Group is known for its high-quality plugins that deliver authentic and detailed sound. The plugins are carefully designed and coded to ensure stability, compatibility, and performance. The plugins also feature intuitive and user-friendly interfaces that make them easy to use and tweak.

  • Variety: D16 Group Total Bundle VSTi.VST x86 x64 offers a wide range of plugins that can suit any genre or style of music. Whether you need drums, basses, leads, pads, effects, or anything in between, you can find it in this bundle. You can also combine different plugins to create new and original sounds.

  • Value: D16 Group Total Bundle VSTi.VST x86 x64 is a great deal that gives you access to all the plugins that D16 Group has ever made at a fraction of their individual prices. You can save a lot of money by buying this bundle instead of purchasing each plugin separately. You can also enjoy free updates and support from D16 Group.

How to Get D16 Group Total Bundle VSTi.VST x86 x64?

If you are interested in getting D16 Group Total Bundle VSTi.VST x86 x64, you can visit the official website of D16 Group and purchase it online. The bundle costs $491.00 and includes a lifetime license for all the plugins. You can also download a free demo version of each plugin to try them out before buying. You can find more information and reviews about the bundle on various online platforms, such as [this one].

D16 Group Total Bundle VSTi.VST x86 x64 is a must-have collection of plugins for any music producer who wants to have a complete arsenal of synths and effects at their disposal. With this bundle, you can create any sound you can imagine and enhance your music with quality and creativity. Don't miss this opportunity and get your copy of D16 Group Total Bundle VSTi.VST x86 x64 today!


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