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Immortal (Ad Vitam) (2004) 720p BrRip X264 - 700MB - YIFY .rar

Immortal (Ad Vitam) (2004) 720p BrRip X264 - 700MB - YIFY .rar: A Sci-Fi Masterpiece You Can't Miss

If you are a fan of science fiction, fantasy, and animation, you might have heard of Immortal (Ad Vitam), a 2004 French film directed by Enki Bilal and based on his comic book series The Carnival of Immortals. The film is a stunning blend of live-action and computer-generated imagery, featuring a futuristic New York City where ancient gods, aliens, and genetically modified humans coexist. The film follows the story of Horus, an Egyptian god who is sentenced to death by his fellow deities and seeks to reincarnate in a human body before his time runs out. Along the way, he encounters Jill, a mysterious blue-haired woman who has the power to bear his child, and Nikopol, a rebel who escapes from a frozen prison and becomes Horus's host.