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English Lancillotto Movies

Within a matter of minutes, we learn a great deal about Harrison Ford's most celebrated character and of the plot's major conflict involving the thieving Belloq (Paul Freeman). As he navigates through an ancient temple of booby traps, the fedora-wearing, bullwhip-snapping Indiana Jones shows that he is as intelligent, cunning and resourceful as he is fallible and culpable, which only makes him all the more endearing. And by the end of the first act, we also learn the filmmakers are aiming for a tonally darker tale than their previous efforts as they introduce Hitler's interest in mysticism and the occult while the Nazis search for the Ark of the Covenant. Yet, Spielberg amazingly keeps things optimistically carefree and riveting as he pays homage to the pulp B-movies of his youth, not only for the sake of nostalgia for that bygone era but also to reintroduce the joy of cinema with a kind of child-like awe. (Movie Rating: 5/5)

english Lancillotto movies