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For games that require a dedicated save disk, one may be generated automatically by entering the following line in an M3U file: #SAVEDISK:VolumeName. VolumeName is optional and may be omitted. For example, this will create a blank, unlabelled disk image at disk index 5:

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By default, RetroArch will display the filename (without extension) of each M3U entry when selecting a disk via the Current Disc Index drop-down menu. Custom display labels may be set for each disk using the following syntax in the .m3u playlist file: DISK_FILEDISK_LABEL.

7. Run the BusinessObjects Supervisor, as you see in Screen 4. Sign in withthe username General and password Supervisor the first time you log on. Thiscombination of username and password starts the five-step Administration SetupWizard, where you define the general supervisor, create the repository (with itsuser, document, and security domains), and make the repository accessible tousers. I chose to create a default monolithic repository (you can view and savethe script that creates the repository) as an Access database using the sameODBC connection, but you can store the repository in any relational database towhich you have write privileges. The final step is to have BusinessObjectscreate the important BOmain.key file and specify how BusinessObjects willdistribute it to users. When you use the Administration Setup Wizard, you canselect one of three radio buttons to specify the physical destination of theBOmain.key file: on the installation kit (you provide a diskette), in a defaultshared folder, or locally so the supervisor can distribute the file manuallyfrom the LocData folder of the Supervisor folder. 041b061a72


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