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Contact me directly for booking here Add-ons are sold seperatley


All rates are listed below. Set up an account to pay.


Payment in full is expected at the beginning of eachsession. All edits, physical copies,DVDs, and master version, drives, etc. shall remain the property of Krystel Official Media until all invoices are paid in full by the client…We accept cash, money orders, credit cards via PayPal or PayPal. If you prefer personal check, please notify me in advance.  Any personal check returned for insufficient funds shall deem this agreement terminated immediately and shall be responsible for the payment and any fees or costs incurred. You will be responsible for any and all legal costs and attorney’s fees, etc., required to collect payment for said check.


Cancellations made [48 hours] or less before an appointment will be subject to a [rebooking fee of $50]. Cancellations made via [customer’s email to] sooner than [48 hours] before an appointment will be processed without penalty.

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List of Services
  • Up to 8 hours of setup and/or production. Per videographer

    425 US dollars
  • Up to 4 hours of setup and/or production. Per videographer.

    275 US dollars
  • $100/first 2 hours $50/hr. after 2 hours Per videographer

    $100 + $50 per hour
  • Script, planning, scheduling, concept, story boarding

    $25 per hour
  • Larger projects sometimes require bigger crews and more gear.

    $20/ hr per crew
  • Actors, Actresses, Models, etc.


  • 30 US dollars
  • Color grading, Transitions, Basic titles, Audio mixing.

    $50/ total minutes
  • Color grading, Chroma Keying, Transitions, Motion titles, Audio mixing

    $75 - $175/ minute

  • $75 - $250/ 30 sec
  • Simple video cuts, Color grading, Audio mixing.

    $25/ total minutes

  • $25 +
  • Professionally recorded voice overs from a selection of talent

    $10 - $40/ minute

  • $50 - $200 +
  • The first revisions are free if it’s nothing too major.

    $15 - $100

  • $20 - $30 a copy
  • For video shoots beyond a 25-mile radius.

    $1 per mile
  • All basic expenses, lodging, meals, etc. Reimbursed by Actual Receipt.

    On Receipt
  • Anything not within driving distance. Cost of plane tickets + $300/day

    Flight + $300/day
  • A copy of your final video + all the project files & raw video files

    25 US dollars
  • A copy of your final video + all the project files & raw video files

    125 US dollars
  • A copy of your final video on a flash drive I will provide.

    20 US dollars
  • 20 professionally edited images 1 location Up to 2 outfits

    75 US dollars
  • 30 professionally edited pictures 1 location Up to 3 outfits

    100 US dollars
  • 50 professionally edited pictures Up to 2 locations Up to 4 outfits

    150 US dollars
  • 80 professionally edited pictures Up to 3 locations Up to 5 outfits

    200 US dollars
  • 30 minutes, 10 professionally edited pictures 1 outfit, 1 location

    50 US dollars
  • $25 per hour

    25 US dollars
  • $200 per single page

    $200 per page
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