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Help can be difficult to find sometimes which is why this group is made for business owners and entrepreneurs who are seeking assistance, guidance, networking, support, and encouragement. My intentions for this group is to host regular opportunities where owners can network, get encouragement, and ask peers for advice in a supportive and equal environment.

Communication will be distributed through email newsletters, group chat, and social media, also while allowing more opportunities to connect with each other through Zoom, YouTube Live, and meet ups in-person. (Coming Soon! An online community forum where we can meet virtually, exchange ideas, and easily find support.) This group will also offer the opportunity to learn more about social media marketing changes, SEO, finance and other important aspects of running your own business from experts and fellow business owners.

If you’re looking for business support & networking, please fill out this form to become a member of this group. This information will be public to other group members unless indicated otherwise on this form. I do not sell or share your information with anyone!

Select any information below you would like to remain PRIVATE from any other members of the group.

Thanks for your information!

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