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Born on December 22 1993, Krystel Johnson, a native of Beaumont Texas, has always been creative an early age. Growing up alone she was interested in the operations of film, technology, and music. Since the fourth grade, Krystel began writing her first rap lyrics and been inspired by hip hop ever since.  In 2006, she took her love for music to a new level and began exploring fine arts. She learned to play the alto saxophone and performed shows in marching band. By 2012, Krystel has won multiple awards from the University Interscholastic League on her excellence on the alto sax. However, after graduating from high school in 2012 she pursued a path to pre-med. Krystel originally went to college for biology until 2015 she chose to dive deeper into media production. She spent years dual studying natural sciences in biology and social sciences in communications - two career paths crafted around her interest in exploration.

In May 2018, Krystel received her Bachelor’s degree in Communications with a specialization in Media Production and a minor in Biology. Throughout her term at the University of Houston, Johnson held several leadership positions on campus. She performed exceptionally well within her roles as the 2015 secretary of the Black Student Union, the 2016 Frontier Fiesta Director of Operations, Jack J. Valenti Digital Marketing/Production Intern, Center for Fraternity and Sorority Life Marketing Intern, and an esteemed member and Chaplain of the Epsilon Lambda chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated. In 2017, she demonstrated outstanding leadership off campus as a Channel 13 ABC news intern. Johnson will continue on to pursue a career in film and television with a specialty in news production and script writing. Krystel is currently a graduate student at Texas Southern University’s Radio Television & Film program.

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Professional Sound Mixer


Today KRYSTEL ROSÉ is an upcoming hip hop media sensation with a rap flow like no other. Literally, studying media production at the forefront KRYSTEL ROSÉ brings a new style of communication into her lyrics. Her debut mixtape 10X10 features incredible aspects of her life in a way that has never been expressed before until now. Witness the story told from a rap princess in the south and experience the journey throughout her music. But the experience does not have to stop there - KRYSTEL ROSÉ is dedicated to providing high quality exclusive media content to subscribers and followers. So don’t miss out SUBSCRIBE NOW!

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Houston, TX, USA

IG @krystelroseofficial

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